Cool crisp mornings with bright blue skies, changing trees and seas. This time of year is my favourite of all. Autumn brings with it all sorts of exciting changes in particular the produce thats available. The cooler air provides some relief from the stifling heat and gives the green light for so much beautiful produce to grow. There are a great many fruits and vegetables coming in to season right now but I wanted to show case one in particular.

Apples. They often get overlooked as “dull” or “boring” and it’s true Australia has a huge range tropical fruits available to it, but the humble apple which has been grown for thousands of years and has thousands of varieties is so far from boring it’s on the verge of being a “super fruit” in my eyes.  The apple is more than a little versatile too! Stew it and add it to your breakfast in the morning, create delicious soul warming traditional desserts like apple crumbles or pies, make chutneys to go with burgers, cold meats or cheeses or simply crunch in to a crisp cold apple for a super healthy snack!

For the past couple of weeks I have had the pleasure of supplying Green Box with our now “famous” Apple Crostata. It is such a delight to use such a humble ingredient and turn it into something beautiful. The smell of this tart when it comes fresh from the oven reminds me of those cold winter days in England when we would have a whopping great Sunday lunch, usually a roast chook with all the trimmings followed by Mum’s amazing apple crumble with custard. I’d inhale my lunch as quickly as possible. It was the sweet scent of apple crumble in the oven that I was really waiting for! The warmth you get from the smell of melting butter combined with the sweetness of the stewing apples now makes me smile every time I make this Apple Crostata. 🙂

Apple Crostata