Well, a lot of you may be aware that we are currently lapping up culture, customs and aromatic foods in Bali, Indonesia. After arriving a few weeks ago and having sunk back into a slower rhythm we can now begin to enjoy and understand the constant assault to our senses.

Having spent a good six months here last year we felt like we got a pretty sufficient understanding of the way things work here… Holidays and ceremonies literally every other day, offerings to the gods including cigarettes to appease the bad spirits scattered across driveways and crossroads, beautifully natured, kind people who are approachable and happy to see you. Music and dance and feasting a way of life. All with tradition, religion and the family at the centre.


The smells of barbecuing meat combined with motor fumes as we ride our scooter through the streets is intoxicating for us. With hungry bellies from a long day in the surf there is nothing we love more than to stop in to a local warung and fill ourselves to almost bursting with their delicious delicacies. All for no more than a few dollars.

For us bali truly is where all our dreams come true. This little island of the gods will always have a huge place in our human hearts.