About Us

Our Philosophy

To us good food is simple and uncomplicated, fresh, seasonal and of course delicious!

Lucy Loves uses organic, locally grown and sourced produce wherever possible. We are forever changing and growing with the seasons. Our intention is to create food to inspire people. Our aim is to get the most out of the produce at hand. By using local and seasonal produce it keeps things exciting and challenging. Lucy Loves food is more than just sustenance. It’s an experience.

About Us

Lucy loves has been born out of a passion for good wholesome food that looks and tastes incredible. Now, with a great demand in the local area for ‘real’ honest to goodness food, it is time to share what Lucy Loves has to offer. Beautiful and delicious food handmade with true love.

Each creation is designed to be an experience to be shared with those around you and the unique packaging means that Lucy Loves is the perfect gift for the ones you love.

Meet the team

  • Lucy and Umberto

This is me… Lucy. A food loving, baking fiend who enjoys nothing more than sharing a thoughtfully prepared meal with my nearest and dearest. My kitchen is a place of solace, of creativity. My kitchen is my happy place. Oh, and my wonderful husband Umberto. He is the inspiration. The muse. The Italian boy who has grown up in a world of food bliss, with freshly made cheeses, cured meats, and home grown veggies. Where freshness isn’t a choice, it’s a way of life.