There is a moment every so often in my week where I need to create. This has been present in me from childhood. I remember always needing to be “doing” something. I’m sure I drove my mother mad with this incessant want to be creating, to be making, to be inventing.

In fact, there were times when both my parents would despair as they walked in on me flushing a whole toilet roll down the loo because I “needed” the empty roll for a craft project! Or Mum would return from work to find the kitchen like a war zone because I was “inventing a new drink” using stinging nettles and lemons!

In this time, I learnt many lessons. Not just about how having complete disregard for the science of baking will result in an inedible pile of slop but also, about how learning to follow certain rules, applying those same rules in different ways and pushing the boundaries of a recipe to its limit will, every so often result in a monumental taste sensation! Although I am convinced my parents must have been at their wits end on so many occasions, they not only allowed me this freedom to create and experiment but despite all the blocked toilets or the hours spent cleaning concrete like cake batter from the kitchen table, they positively encouraged it!

So when it comes to food these days, my desire to express my creativity and explore new possibilities is at its absolute peak. It is because of this freedom to explore and the many mistakes made as I grew up, that I can continue to grow and learn without the fear of failure. I am able to approach many of my ideas for new food creations with a certain amount of arrogance and a sense of certainty. Of course, I am still learning, and of course I continue to have one or two epic defeats in my cooking adventures but as the failures get less and the successes get more, it is my parents I have to thank for this Chocolate Mud Cake with Lavender Cream and Hazelnut Praline 🙂