Cosy fires, wooly socks, big southerly swells and an extra blanket on the bed are all indicators that the weather is turning and the seasons are changing for the cooler. Although here in Australia (unlike in Europe) we never truly experience that bitter unrelenting dark, damp cold that stings your cheeks as you walk outside or just wont let you warm up no matter how many layers you put on. There is a short few months where it is completely appropriate to huddle down by the fire and eat warmth inducing slow braises with lashings of carbs for that extra comfort factor.

Here I chose beef cheeks. One of my all time favourite braising meats especially for a ragu. You can literally leave it cooking all day with simply stunning results. The meat is rich and tender, falling apart at the slightest touch. pair it with a really good quality pasta and you will not go wrong.

See here for my recipe for Slow Cooked Beef Cheek Ragu